Friday, June 10, 2016

Thunderous orc horde

Finally.... indeed a thunderous orc horde with the completion of my latest orc'ish additions for the HotT army. Arrrr there be orc chariots. These are old Airfix Ancient British chariots with the addition of the female orc'ish warriors from the Dark Alliance box of Orc warriors.

The flyer finally based.. pondering its deployments as either an aerial hero, because its technology is so far in advance of the rest of the orcs, or as a flyer, or... even as a fire belching dragon

And an orc hero .. a fiery female warrior standing atop a great rock, with a two warrior bodyguard

The orc horde, the central body is warband. If the flyer counts as an aerial hero, then that's 36 points sitting right there.


  1. Very cool. Aren't Gobbos fun?!

    Great use of the chariots. I wonder what the Wargs would look like pulling them?

  2. Nick
    I can tell you how they would have looked.. bleedin' awesome. Stan didn't have any in stock. I can always substitute at a later stage.


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