Saturday, August 13, 2016

A major renovation milestone

This is one of those major milestones: the basic Hun army renovation completed. These are the Goths I created as another of those classic 70's conversions: Airfix American Civil war cavalry hacked about with a craft knife to remove ACW looking detail, with the addition of a drawing pin shield and a dressmaking pin javelin.

They are not too pretty up close, but you can almost see the nostalgia dripping off them. I touched up the paint work (well worn after nearly 40 years), re-textured the bases with sand, paint and static grass (and a black edging, as is my preference these days) and then applied a black wash to the figures.

They would never win a painting or 'Best Army' award, but they saw good service in the 70s and 80s, and ... well.. I love 'em. For HotT they are nomadic barbarian knights, for DBA they are Gothic cavalry to support the Huns, and for Armati they are Gothic Heavy Cavalry in support of the Huns.
I have worked out that I can create a very interesting Kings of War Kingdoms of Men army in 20mm too.

Not sure what next. It might be the renovation of those 25mm Romans, or the barbarian/early Germans to create opponents for the Huns in HotT/DBA/Armati/KoW, or .... um... hmmmmmmm.

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