Monday, August 15, 2016

We are still renovating.. a new army from the dusty depths

Um, there I was pondering what to do next and.. well.. the war band just screamed out to me. I acquired these 25mm war band figures second hand over 25+ years ago (can't recall the manufacturer), all block painted, and now with quite a few broken weapons after surviving over 14000 earthquakes. So, we have enough war band for a Big Battle DBA army, or a Big Battle HotT Barbarian army, or a significant chunk of the infantry component of a Kings of War Kingdoms of Men army, or an Armati Early German/Barbarian army.

Here's the deal ... glue back some of the missing spears which are sitting in the box,  touch up the chipped paintwork, give them a black wash, a bit of a highlight, redo the bases with black edging and static grass, and they should see service in whichever genre I choose.

Here are the first five bases (these were test bases), with another 29 to go.

They can even work in with the Huns in several of those rules genres. Hey .. a real win-win.

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  1. Hey, maybe I've finally got a reason to base up those old RosPak 25mm plastic Macedonians...I may have just under a DBA army's worth...


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