Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Who's that clip clopping over my bridge?

Barbarian hordes always seemed to me as if they should have a stompy brutish feel. So for the HotT barbarian army, what better than a couple of trolls to lead the human barbarian warband?

These Reaper trolls came cheaply via NZ's 'Mighty Ape' web site, a great investment.

Allow me to introduce Zog (with apologies to all of those fantasy comics and movies), the Behemoth general of the Barbarian hordes. A behemoth general will be a new slant amongst my HotT armies.


Zog showing off

Zog showing off some more ...

And Zog's mate Lizzie ..

Lizzie has quite a look, I think you'd agree?

Zog and Lizzie together

And with  a few of the boys ..

As a Big Battle army the Barbarian army needs some more 4 pointers (currently these boys just have Zog and Lizzie, and a tree God). Still pondering that one. And these kids can also be of sue in a Kings of War army too ....

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