Monday, January 9, 2017

Gnarax attacks the Egyptian borders ...

The drool sat in Gnarax' beard like a fly caught in a web, mixing with the dried blood from his last meal. The back of his hand caught the prisoner across the chin sending a tooth spinning through the fetid air of the tent. He eyed the tooth, it's bloodied root bright red against the white of the leopard skin on the tent floor.

"String him up. We attack at first light and they will all be dead before the sun sinks below Machaerus' lip".

Andy I finally got together for another Big Battle HotT, his now complete semi historical Egyptian army against my barbarian army composed of distinctly Hunnic looking riders and knights supported by very barbarian looking spear. They were supported by Trolls and mammoths (behemoths), and  Gnarax himself, the hero.

Gnarax was pushing his invasion of the Egyptian lands in search of food, land and wealth

The battlefield, Egyptians on the left, Barbarians on the right

Both sides were keen to get in to is, and the centres quickly clashed.

The Egyptian left was held by spear lead by a hero general in a chariot, and supported by behemoths.

They faced a combination of knights, riders and behemoths.

The barbarian left was similar.

The barbarian hero tree God (taken as a hero) threw himself against the Egyptian magician.. gah.. ensorcelled.

The Egyptian CnC (aerial hero) overflew the barbarian forces, landing behind ready to attack from the rear in support of his own blade.

The behemoths are menacing

The barbarian left/Egyptian right clash

Gnarax' troops in the centre (spear) start carving their way through the Egyptian centre held largely by shooters

And action on the right sees honours go to both sides
 The Egyptian CnC goes into action, attacking a unit of knights in the rear.

The right looks pretty much the same, with lots of pushing and shoving

More action on the left, with the barbarian forces broken up and needing coordination

The Egyptian centre starts to crumble, with the general lost. However they manage to avoid demoralisation.

But then the barbarian right simply crumbles, with catastrophic losses. The command is demoralised.

Not much left of the command

Gnarax pushes hard against the centre, but not hard enough. The Egyptians are holding out despite the loss of their general

An epic clashes occurs when the Egyptian CnC attacks the mammoth behemoth.

The Ch]nC wins, and a barbarian rider tries to hold up the flank.

The Egyptian left, having defeated its barbarian opposition, now starts to move across to the centre to attack Gnarax himself.

Gnarax' spear units are desperately trying to finish off the Egyptian centre

The Egyptian left wing general trying to finish off the last of the barbarian resistance

Action boils over again on the barbarian left

The barbarian right wing mammoth still holds out

But the day was lost for Gnarax as his left wing also crumbled. His invasion of the Egyptian lands had been brought to a halt in an epic struggle.

A fantastic Big Battle HotT game providing plenty of drama (as these games so often do) as the balance swung form one side to the other. The game went to the Egyptians when the barbarians finally lost over 50% of their points in a flurry of sudden losses over the last two turns.

What a fantastic encounter. There will be more ......

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