Sunday, October 15, 2017

It's ......

Another two bases of blade for the new HotT project. The army will be a VSF Turkish opponent to the Brits. The question is, how will this be different from the Brits? By different I mean the look, and the composition/play style .... keep guessing.


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    1. All that, and more... mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ....

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    1. Thanks Karl. I decided that this would be one way of making the army visually different, so Hordes, and Blades ,( all infantry units expecting to 'advance to contact') will all carry flags.

  3. Beautiful units and flags, they look superb!

    1. Thanks Phil.... I am keen to develop the 'other side' of the VSF theme for the army, but decided I'd get a core of basic troops done first. An aerial hero, a hero, and a cool behemoth exist in my head.. we'll see if the actual construction/execution matches the imagination LOL


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