Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Turkish Paladin

I thought the Turkish army could do with a Paladin. This is not a troop type I have in any other HotT army, but it seemed to fit with the idea of the hero, and the cleric. Not so much magic, but certainly devout. The figure can be used as a hero if I opt for that alternative, as the base sizes are the same.

The mounted paladin comes from the Strelets 1877 Turkish Cavalry box set, while the standard bearer is a simple conversion from a marching figure in their 1877 Turkish Infantry set.

The rules describe a Paladin as being pure of heart, dressed in shining silver armour. Sorry there's  no armour, this is after all Victorian Science Fiction. However I have no doubt he will be of pure heart.

Just a behemoth left to scratch build.

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