Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Mycenaean demise ....

Another most excellent evening of DBA 3.0 games with Keith and Jim. My first game saw my Mycenaeans up against Keith's Hoplite Greeks.

The Greeks were defending and, being Littoral, had the obligatory 'waterway', along with a village, a piece of rough going, and a road.


The Greek shield wall up close

I flanked the Mycenaean pike with heavy chariots.. looking for the big punch

The first attack was pushed back for all except one of the pike blocks

Attempts to daly with the Greek left on my right didn't end well

The auxilia defending the right flank of the heavy chariots were flanked, while the chariots were repulsed again

The pike were flanked in their turn ..

The right flank, with the auxilia destroyed

The pike block fends off the hoplites to front and flank, still trying for the breakthrough with pike and chariot

The heavy chariots on the right in their turn are now taken in their flank

The battle still rages around the Mycenaean pike

However the right flank heavy chariots are destroyed, the battle is lost
But what a great game. The second for the evening saw my Ottomans versus Jim's Poles. The Ottomans nearly had the game, being up 3 to 1, when I threw '1' on the PIP die leaving me very exposed. Jim followed this with a 6 in his turn, allowing the Poles to 'get all over the Ottomans'... but what a great game. A real cliff hangar.

The magic of DBA!!!!

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  1. Some excellent photos here Robin. A great record of an excellent evening’s gaming.


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