Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Thar be pirates.. on the larboard bow, me 'earties ...

Life on the ocean waves ...

 .. an' there be pirates .. an' there be rum .. an there be .. adventure ... arrrrrr

So, when Andy alerted me to a packet of large pirate figures for just . a couple of dollars, I thought .. arrrr.. they be goin' great with me pirate army ... arrrrrrr

The packet contained 6 ;arge figures, two of each of those below. The problem with them was the large gap in the back of each, presumably the manufacturer's way of saving materials on the mold and reducing costs.

Painted up, they looked like this from the rear

And this ...

And ... this!!!

Some good old fashioned jiggery pokery after a bit of a ratting through the spares box, and some ideas started to come to fruition ..

A God, and two behemoths, fo the HotT pirate army.

And here are the boys, completed.... the God has that slightly misty, cloud like (I hope) stuff at his feet. The behemoths are maybe bionic constructs, with slightly putrid flesh on mechanical frames.. or something like that, anyway.

The completed contraptions on their backs, filing the large holes on each.

God .... a true Pirate God!!!

Behemoth 1

Behemoth 2

And the boys with a few of their more mortal fellow warriors...
This leaves me with a total of 40 points of pirates, so not big enough for a double sized game, and too many 3+ point elements to take them all in a 24 point game, but nonethelesss... arrrrr... thar be pirates!!!

I'd stalled with the painting mojo while in the middle of completing some 6mm Uhlans for the Prussian army 1870 for Volley and Bayonet, after a really tough, frantic, and frenetic, end to the school year .. this has allowed me to reconnect with the pint brushes, and some creativity....

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