Sunday, May 17, 2020

The Gods play with their subjects as ....

To the Honourable Gentlemen of Horseguards
Your Lordships

I write to you from the scene of a most cataclysmic encounter against beasts so horrendous that they leave the blood curdled. With several days to pause and recover, we once more resumed our advance as we attempt to claim the land of Guayabo for the glory of Her Majesty.

I insisted that our Hero Lieutenant Winstanley rest and recover more fully, and so he say back with our camp while the remainder of my forces advanced once more against the creeping horror that stood barring our way. With landing operations complete I was able to deploy the full force of Her majesty's steam powered robots, along with a regiment of Her majesty's glorious lancers.

The spider horror barrs Caruthers' way

The steam powered robots in the front line, with the valiant doctor and his wondrous magical machine once more ready to take the field in support

The Lancers (Knights) supported by shooters and riders

The Spider hordes, the God waiting in th background

Once more the same eerie sounds rose from the spiders, yet again (we assumed) seeking to bring the power of the Gods down to fight for them. We pushed forward despite the terror that rose in our hearts, freezing the very blood in our veins.

The forces advance towards each other

The Doctor aims his first salvo of magic at the hero general of the Spiders 
And the hero general is ensorcelled...

The lines clash

Fierce fighting ensues between behemoths

Gaps start to appear in the spider lines

The Shooters are repelled by the spider hordes

The behemoths break through, crushing all before them. The spider behemoth is also destroyed

One of the two shooters us destroyed, but a last horde base dies, and the spider hordes flee the field

With the core of the spider hordes destroyed our glorious forces were able to resume their advance, albeit a little more cautiously. We were wary of what further horrors this strange seemingly blighted land might hold.

It would seem that even for the spiders, their Gods play with them as children with their toys, spurning those on whom they had previously shown favour. Hence ours was the victory.

I remain, Sirs, your most obedient servant
Major General Sir Chelmswood Reginald Augustus Piers Caruthers

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