Saturday, December 15, 2007

The 6mm project gathers momentum ...

The 6mm project is well underway for 'The Guns of August'. Troops are pouring in to recruiting depots in  London, Canada (where are you at the moment, Shawn?) and Christchurch. The recruits in the photos below have graced the depots in Christchurch.

The building is one of a number of Hovels buildings used to create the 3"x3" town sectors needed for the coming actions on the Marne. The town sectors themselves are not yet complete... another project on the list.

Photographing 6mm figures may well be more of a challenge than I had thought.... certainly it seems that good results matching the 20mm figures may take a little more time. I may come back and delete these photos as I improve the technique... the first photos are the newer ones, those down the page are first efforts.

However, half the German division is done, and the other half is nearly there. That will leave the artillery.

The worst of all this is of course that collecting is an addiction.. in my mind there is already a Russian Corps ready to fight the rapidly growing German Corps.. having read Golokov's account of the battles collectively known as Tannenburg (or The Masurian Lakes, depending on which nationality you are) . It's a disease. Well, maybe it's something a bit more than that. As someone famous once said: "the force is strong in this one!!!!"

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