Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why another war gaming blog?

In 2005 I set up the web site "The Great Adventure'. I had been inspired by good friend Keith McNelly, and his own war gaming site 'The Wargames Room', and decided that I wanted to create a web site that would inspire others to take a look at a war gaming period close to my own heart (World War 1) and to try the set of rules that had allowed me to play enjoyable games in this neglected period: Great War Spearhead. 

The web site is a more formal vehicle on which to promote the period, and the rules. It is filled with resources, scenarios, after action reports, and photos. But sometimes I just want to ramble, when I have things to say. Sometimes these things are not even related to World War 1. Sometimes I just want to tell everyone about a great battle I have fought, without posting a formal AAR. Sometimes I want to share my enthusiasm for a new project, and any war gamer reading this will know what that feels like. How many of you have been part way through a project only to find your attention taken away in the excited buzz of some new period or rules set? Come on , own up..  I know that's probably almost all of you!!!!

So those are some of the purposes of this blog. I don't have any specific intention to be controversial and provocative: but hopefully I might prompt someone to respond sometime, or maybe just have a chuckle, whether with me or at me.

Hopefully some reading this will even feel the urge to join me in my ranting and my child-like excitement. I could of course just be talking to myself.. my, it's quiet in here.

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