Thursday, May 1, 2008

A great DBA/HotT day

I recently had the most exceptional 'gaming day: my son and I met up with two good friends to play a series of DBA and HotT games. We managed 5 games in the day - three DBA and two HotT, and the day was fantastic.

I played two HotT games, once against Stan Walker, and the other against Nick Grant. In both games I used my recently completed Chaos army. This is my slant on Chaos, being rather mediaeval in look, with a touch of GW thrown in with the blue colour scheme. The Chaos warriors show no faces etc at all (there are three knights, four blades, and a Hero general); after all they are hardly human. I used the Zvezda 100 Years War English knights for these.

They are supported by two bases of Hordes.. very zombie looking humans. For these I used a box of Esci Barbarian warriors that have been sitting in the games room for a decade or more. They were simply painted in an exaggerated version of my war games paint style to bring out the blackness of the eye sockets etc, using a mix of Citadel Bleached Bone mixed with Tamiya Olive Drab (go figure.. quite a combination) then highlighted with the bleached bone. And I nearly forgot to mention this dragon.. a favourite of mine, bought from a local $2 Shop, for.. you guessed it, $2.

This is followed by a shot of a couple of the blades (Chaos knights on foot) pushing through the centre.. my eventual undoing, I hasten to add, as they were isolated and killed by four Horde bases.. oh the shame!!!. In true Chaos fashion, I was too greedy for world domination.

The final two shots above are of two of the DBA games. In the first my Polybian Romans (well, my son's army, and nicely painted it is, too, but I was commanding them in this game) hold the line against a LOT of Numidian Light Horse commanded by Nick Grant, while in the second my son's Persians are at it against some New Kingdom Egyptians commanded by Stan Walker.

What fantastic 'gaming, in the company of three most excellent fellows who are good 'gamers. A damned fine day was had by all.


  1. Yep, it was a thoroughly enjoyable morninng's gaming. And the dragon looks great!

    Next time, I think I'll draw your Polibian cav out by concentrating on the refused flank with my Ps and LH - still, it was fun getting those Light Horse behind your line - pitty they both died! Still, it was worth a crack Nigel!

    Thanks again Robin,


  2. Nick

    As I said on the day, no-one had ever got LH behind my troops like that before.. I was pretty worried, I have to say... well done.

    It was fantastic playing guys I don't normally game against... I learnt a lot.. thanks.

    The Numidians looked great too!!!