Saturday, May 3, 2008

Chaos Hordes...

I guess painting Hordes is kind of addictive. Painting my Chaos army, I thought that, in addition to the Chaos knights and blades, there ought to be some of those shambling human (ish!) hordes. After all no self respecting forces of Chaos would be trying to take over the world without enlisting the help of some humans somewhere along the way, even if they were dead before the powers of chaos got there.

So these are my first attempt at some shambling humans, or Hordes. The first photo shows the two bases in front of the Chaos Stronghold: a plastic skull that came with the dragon, actually.. then attached to a suitable looking stone wall (a piece of polystyrene packing coated in sand, then painted).

I liked the barbarian 'tart'.. dressed in Chaos blue (having sold her soul to the forces of Chaos); so strong is her power that you can see the forces of chaos rippling blue in the ground beneath her feet, emanating from her.... wow, wouldn't want to mess with her in a dark alley!!.

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