Monday, September 1, 2008

Creepy stuff? Go the spiders...

There I was in a local bookstore, and there they were.. packets of small black plastic spiders, 12 to a packet for $2 ("Ming Shing Creepy Spiders") - love at first sight, really!!!. It's a mark of obsession I guess, but my first thought wasn't 'oo, creepy black Spiders', it was... 'Oo look, Hordes'.... I saw creepy hordes of spiders scuttling across a barren landscape, the bases with enough terrain on them to suggest unstoppable spiders climbing over everything, nothing standing in their way.

So, 24 Horde bases? Well, a lot of horde bases, but maybe a few other things as well. Down the aisle of the mall was a 'Nature's Discoveries' shop.. full of neat plastic animals and insects: arise two spider heroes, rather large creatures, guaranteed to creep even the hardiest player. One is a hairy looking Tarantula, the other a shiny redback, a Katipo spider, both nasty creatures for those of us with arachnophobia.

So far, the army has 12 Horde bases, and 2 Heroes.

More to come.. I'd first thought spiders could also be sneakers and lurkers, but on reflection maybe just lurkers? I was after a different HotT army to my other three, and lots of Hordes seemed to be very different in composition to the other three armies. I certainly expect this army to play differently to the others. We'll see.


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  2. Robin, that's just gross!