Saturday, September 6, 2008

HotT Tournament

We have confirmed a date for Christchurch's first full HotT tournament (I think it's the first!!!): it is 30 November, as a part of the "Carnage" tournament.

This is a full on Fantasy Wargames day at the Woolston Club, with the HotT Tournament, and a WFB tournament.


Gather your Ghouls
Patch up your pirates
Zap your Zombies

and get ready for HotT Carnage...

I am looking at using the Berkeley HotT tournament rules (I hope the Berkeley guys take that as the compliment it's intended to be). 
So watch out for details .. in th meantime.. back to the spiders..... which incidentally had their first outing today. Lost the first game.. wow!! warbands sure eat Hordes as my hordes found out, but won their second. The two heroes did the business while the Hordes held up the larger part of the opposing army, dying regularly, but coming back often.. now that was a good feeling.

So I think this horde army could work well if handled with care.

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