Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dwarven host grows...

The Dwarven host continues to grow, with a unit of Longbeards added to their numbers last week. I have yet to try anything more than a 500 point skirmish with them of course, but we mustn't rush these things, must we. Here are some photos of the Longbeards. Of course, as a 'gamer I have a genetically driven sense of megalomania, and so couldn't resist the opportunity to show the small but growing Dwarven host in its entirety as well.

I still have to paint Runes on the banners.. I'm hoping that won't be one of those jobs that never gets done. In the meantime, I have some Empire Pistolliers on the painting board: Dogs of War as a Rare Choice, this isn't going to be an ordinary Dwarf army, although it's also probably not going to be a game winning army either he! he!... There is a Dwarf Lord, and a banner bearer too, but.. have I ever said how much I hate assembling those metal figures?

Still, the Dwarven host grows....


  1. Very cool! Reminds me that I'd like to get some of those Caesar 20mm Dwarfs for a HOTT army at some many figures, so little time...which in turn reminds me that I've got to start on my chn's portfolio comments which are due at the end of Week 6...sigh...

  2. Nick.... Those Caesar figures are certainly appealing.. if i hadn't been distracted by these Dwarfs, the next project is a HotT VSF army.. I have the Brits undercoated ready to go.. I agree, so many armies, so little time.
    back to the economics marking.. eewww!!



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