Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Conquering Lost Worlds Part 1

Creating a series of themed games is always great fun. My collection of HotT armies includes my Lost Worlds army, and those creepy spiders. Good friend Andy Gorman recently used his new European Union Victorian Science Fiction army in our HotT tournament ('A HotT Winter's Day 09), and this inspired me to propose a series of themed games based around a European Union army invasion of a strange 'Lost World', some distant previously undiscovered tropical island inhabited by dinosaurs and giant spiders, by lost peoples worshipping an Ape God. Imagine the Island setting of 'King Kong' and you have the right idea.

So that's exactly what we did.

Game 1

The invading European army consisted of:
1 x hero general
1 x airboat
1 x behemoth steam tank
5 x shooters
1 x horde of Martian allies (strange, that!!)

The European general pushed inland from the landing beaches, but his troops were unnerved by the eerie quiet, disturbed increasingly by a strange rustling in the surrounding jungles. As his troops emerged into a more open area of the jungle there, arrayed before them, was a horde of spiders, hordes of small spiders rattling and scuttling, with two massive spiders towering over all around them. The Spider army before them consisted of:

1 x hero general
1 x behemoth
1 x God (Spider man, of course!!)
10 x hordes
2 x lurkers

Over to their left they could see the spider lair, a stronghold fashioned into the very ground on which they walked. The general had a plan.

Both forces advanced towards each other.

The spider hero went straight for the European airboat, it's long spindly legs reaching up to grab the dangling ropes and hoses hanging from the airboat. The massive spider behemoth advanced in support of its hero.

The spider hordes scuttled forward towards the riflemen. However, in a display of disciplined fire, the riflemen alternated ranks, kneeling to pour forth rapid fire as another rank dashed back, repeating the drill and successfully keeping the hordes at bay.

The airboat was pulled tumbling from the sky and the spider hero raised its legs in triumph... sending an eerie howling across the battlefield.

Now for the riflemen.... yum.

However the European forces hero general pushed on with his flanking force of behemoth and shooter.. intent on capturing the spider stronghold.

And victory was theirs as the hero lead his special detachment to capture the spider stronghold...

Their foothold on the island was secure, the spider God had forsaken his worshippers ... but what terrors awaited the valiant European Union forces as they pressed on inland?

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode...


  1. Ha! Brilliant! Creepy, really creepy, but brilliant!

    Shooters eh? Fire and fall back - whatareyougonnado?

    I wondered where that Airboat had gone. It looked so cool alongside his 20mm Victorians. Pity Andy has succumbed to the Dark Side - 28mm!


  2. HI Robin and Nick,

    it was a great day...unfortunately as you read on it was not to be so great of an adventure for the British Empire and European Coalition forces.

    But we shall see......