Sunday, July 5, 2009

'A HotT Winter's Day 09'

It finally came around again "A HotT Winter's Day', for 2009... yes, it's the middle of a pretty miserable winter down here in the Antipodes!! I managed to gather 8 HotT players together for a memorable day of HotT goodness, with a delightful array of armies, playing over pre-set terrain, using the Berkeley tournament format.

The tournament was won by Kevin O'Neill, using his nicely balanced Caveman army, against opponents that included a beautifully painted 28mm VSF army (a confederation of European troops, with some Martian support.. wow!!), a great bunch of Dwarves, and a fantastic concept army using WW2 Germans (including a Tiger II as a behemoth, a couple of flyers, and an artillery observer as a magician.. cool!!).

Here are a few photos from the day. More photos can be found here.

Nick Grant has been posting some details on his own Raetian Goblin army here

and is posting more photos and comments on his blog.

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