Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Middle East scenario .. the Es Salt raid.

It's been a while but I finally got around to posting another WW1 scenario to 'The Great Adventure'. The scenario (The End of the Es Salt raid) was sent to me by Eric Spicer, a WW1 'gaming colleague who has authored most of the Middle east scenarios on the web site. It includes Australian Light Horse and NZ Mounted, as well as an armoured car and a couple of Light Cars.., on the ANZAC side, and plenty of Turkish infantry opposing them. The battle was ample proof that despite the decline of Turkish arms and influence later in the war, Turkish soldiers were still capable of giving allied forces a good 'bloody nose' in 1918.

The scenario provides good excuse to buy and paint up some of the new HaT Australian Light Horse figures, if you are 'gaming in 20mm. I must get myself organised and get some more of these great figures painted and ready to fight.. Andy's Turkish infantry are waiting!!

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