Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Progress with the Spanish.

A quick up-date on progress with the DBA Iberian Spanish army.

You can tell it's holidays - when else would I have time to do this. The bulk of the painitng has been completed, with straps, boots, weapons, and horse furniture to be done, before finishing the bases. I think they'll be ready for the Woolston DBA tournament on 10 January.

I was especially pleased with today's acquisition: this fine looking piece for use as the army's Camp. I am aware that the Spanish at this stage were certainly not some group of 'hairy barbarians', and I have been wondering exactly what I should use as my camp.

A visit to a local aquarium shop yielded up this little beauty: a ruin, admittedly, but suitably splendid all the same, I felt.


  1. Nice work! I envy you; holidays are not a time I can get around to painting!

  2. Mark.. thanks... I played two games with these guys in semi finished state last night.. took a hiding in both. They are not going to be an easy army to use..
    Holidays seem to be almost the on ly time I get to paint these days...


  3. hello,
    thanks for sharing this .
    keep it up.

  4. well a nice tournament to show your captain skills.


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