Sunday, January 10, 2010

Woolston DBA Challenge ... 4

Another inglorious appearance, against Mark's Indians. In this case, again, Mark deployed his main strike on his left to face the main Spanish concentration. The elephant 'Panzerkiel' drove down the flank, supported by Indian Blade and Bow.

I was cagey about deploying on a steep hill, trying to take advantage of the difficult terrain, and up hill bonus, to put Mark on the back foot.

However Mark continued to work the flank, supporting his blade with his Bow. At one stage some Spanish Auxilia came off the hill to attack the bow, when they were initially left relatively exposed and unsupported. However die rolls of 1 for the Spanish and 5 for the Bow put paid to any idea I might have had about taking them out, and so the Auxilia retreated again to the hill.

The Blade and Elephants punched through on the flank, and it was all over... beginning to feel normal about now!!

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