Sunday, January 10, 2010

Woolston DBA Challenge ... 5

Here we were lined up against Joe and the Polybian Roman army he had borrowed. This was one of those games.. tense and exciting all the way through, ebbing and flowing for both of us.

Joe came across the river at me, and the river turned out to be paltry.. damn, there was a vital part of my defence plan gone 'out the window'.. well 'under the Roman blinds', anyway!!

I was able to destroy Joe's Psiloi on his right flank, but then the action ebbed and flowed, and time had to be called with each of us three elements down..... a draw.. whew!!!

The day presented us each with 5 fantastic games. I learned a thing or two abut the Spanish army, and have a better idea about how to use them next time.. I have to remind myself that it's not just the small tactical niceties of the rules that matter (becoming fixated on the fact the Psiloi support Auxilia against mounted opponents, even in rough going, isn't the most important thing).

Focus on those areas where you have an advantage, eliminate your opponent's weakest troops first, use the terrain.. etc etc.. you get the picture. Sometimes it doesn't matter how many years of experience you have playing these games, you can still forget the basics....

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  1. Robin, your site could become the location for the "DBA Iberian Field Manual". A virtual Ancient manual on the Iberian art of war.

    Anyway, great photos and intersting things to consider.