Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Finishing the Great War Spearhead half time action

Well I've finally written up the photo after action report of the 1914 Great War Spearhead game Nick and I played waaaayyyy back in January..

Titled 'Backs against the wall', the completed report is here. If you are interested, go to the After Action Reports section.

This was exciting stuff.. hopefully the AAR reflects at least some of the 'gaming tension we both felt as we battled it out. I felt that Nick actually deserved to win this none: he planned his attacks well, supported them in the right places at the right times with his artillery assets, was prepared to take casualties to achieve his aims, and committed reserves in a very timely manner, keeping his foot on my throat all the time. I was very lucky to squeak a minor victory from the game.. I suspect it was more of a draw to tell the truth.

However it illustrates one of the things that keeps me in the hobby ... genuinely exciting nail biting games filled with positive tension and great fun!!

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