Friday, April 9, 2010

By Gad, Suh!!!

Friday night... games night, and 'By Gad Suh'.. the British are out in force tonight. Nick G and I played a very cool HotT game pitting Nick's British VSF against the Undead.

Nick's army was:
1xAirboat General
1xSteam tank Behemoth

Most of the army was created by our good friend Andy Gorman, and the steam tank was on its inaugural outing after Nick finished it last week.

The Undead army was:
2xMagician (one was the general)

(This was one point short, as originally the army included a sneaker, but we had a problem resolving an one aspect of use of sneakers I'll have to ask on the Yahoo HotT list) so we reclassified it as a Blade .. expediency.. and that's just fine).

Nick deployed with his aerials on his left, and advanced these towards the Undead, slowly bringing up the behemoth and Hero in support. His shooters remained behind on the hill awaiting events.

The Flyers (air balloons), Airboat, and Nick's new steam tank behemoth.

Undead magic crackled through the air pushing the airboat backwards.

Nick attacked the Blade on the left flank of the Undead army with the air boat and one flyer.

The first combat was drawn, and the airboat remained locked in combat, so the Undead shooters flanked the airboat. Meanwhile Nick advanced his second flyer into the Undead rear. But the Undead hero used his longer movement distance to attack the flyer... one dead flyer.. ouch!!!!!

A 6 to 3, and the airboat was dead.. I think Nick was feeling as if this was going to be one of those nights.

The British hero advanced forward with the Steam tank in support, making short work of the shooter base!!

Again bolts of magic energy raced through the air, and the british hero disappeared in a puff of smoke, ensorcelled. This was a damned un-british way to fight a war!!! Finally the Undead hero attacked the second British flyer, bringing the balloon down in a raging inferno, and the game was over.

Another fine evening spent with good company, reasonable coffee, and lots of good conversation, hence only one HotT game played, but after all what do we follow this hobby for? Hmm.. best not answer that too quickly..


  1. And a good time was had by all!


  2. I really, REALLY, an taken with that Victorian army. No doubt the airborne gunboat was kept aloft by quantities of compressed phlogiston in the holds...?
    Ion A. Dowman

  3. phlogiston and air-wood I believe...


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