Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some 1859 action... 15mm style

Another Volley and Bayonet action, this time set during the Austrian wars of 1859, since Adrian had just finished painting the Italian troops. The battle was fictional, pitting Austrians against a French/Italian force. The figures are 15mm, all painted by Adrian, and the buildings are scratch built by Adrian. This isn't a battle report, just a chance to show off some of Adrian's beautifully painted 15mm armies.

Austrians advancing, with sharp shooters in front.

French waiting, dug in in and around a town.

Austrian artillery masses to begin a bombardment.

Italians, with artillery, in some  prepared field defences.

French Hussars enter the battle.

And... French lancers....

Hot action around a town as the French attack defending Austrians. The town changed hands several times.

Austrian cavalry abut to go into action.


  1. Very cool. Those shots of the battle swirling around the town look cool.

    By the way, check out this post here on my school blog...


    My son wrote a series of newspaper articles on Galipolli for a history assignment. He can certainly turn a phrase.

    How do you turn a phrase?


    Oh, you may be amused by the earlier post too - I had my class re-enact, well, WW1!

  2. The action around the town was pretty full on.. it changed hands several times, with the Austrians holding on despite losing the town to French shock troops at one stage.

    Nice writing from your son by the way.


  3. Although V&B isn't my thing, I have to admit that I could look at Adrian Powell's armies, and his terrain pieces all day. Wonderful stuff!


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