Thursday, April 15, 2010

More WW2 British for Spearhead...

With the term break pressing on I am working at completing some additional parts of several armies, before work presses back on my time. I've had these 6mm British infantry painted up for some time, but on bases that were designed for an old set of rules (that didn't really care about basing, in fact). I've also got my first WW2 game for some time organised for next week, and the forces aren't quite up to strength for that, so what better excuse.

Even though re-basing is the bane of the war gamer's life, I set out to re-base them to expand the Late War British force for Spearhead. I've also added the anti tank component of the force with 17 pounder and 6 pounder anti tank guns. These troops will form the Lorried Infantry battalion  for the armoured division, or a part of a full infantry regiment for an infantry division.

The battalion completed, with an HQ stand to be added (it was sitting in its box when I took the photo)/.

Now to get them onto the table. Sadly, the fact that I have more troops probably won't improve the quality of the tactics I use. It's a good job that our metal and plastic figures are pretty forgiving really, otherwise I'd have suffered a few mutinies in my time.

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