Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dude carried by shield bearers ...

There I go again, flitting from one thing to another. This time, it's those Dwarf characters that have sat in their boxes for quite a few months. Now, I always thought, anyone who goes to war carried on a shield has to be pretty cool, and this GW Dwarf chieftain carried by shield bearers is a must for a Dwarf army.

I thought ahead, and pinned the Chieftain to the shield, but as always I didn't quite think far enough ahead, because just after I'd photographed these guys, the shield itself came away from the bearers.. more pinning required. The other character is a Runesmith, apparently quite useful in a magic packed environment like WFB.


  1. Nice, colourful and fun What more can one say? Keep on flitting.

  2. Thanks... now struggling with a Gyrocopter.. I HATE GW metal assemblies....LOL

    KInd regards