Sunday, August 22, 2010

The 'Improbabilty sphere'

I normally seem to operate under the influence of my own very personal 'improbability sphere' when I wargame. Think Don Adams, "Get Smart" and the cone of silence and you have the right idea. I don't mean that I always roll 6's when I need them, and 1's when I need them; rather the complete opposite.

It was with some surprise therefore when, during the course of another fantastic Volley and bayonet game with friends Jon and Adrian (played using Jon's wonderful 6mm Napoleonic armies.. the game was French vs Spanish/British a la Peninsula war) that we noted a crack appearing in the improbability sphere, as if the very fabric of reality was rent asunder (sounds a little like those GW backgrounders to their army books and codices - sorry!!).

It's worthy of note because it is indeed such a rare event. Almost every time I needed a hit in combat I got one, almost all failed morale checks occurred in parts of the line that were not under immediate threat of attack, and so on. Anyone else carry their own improbability sphere around with them?

I'm pondering when I'm likely to emerge from under it again? 2020 maybe?? We live in hope. Meanwhile I guess it's back under the improbability sphere for me.

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