Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lingering in the Louvre ...

This was my third visit to Paris ( I just love the city), but the first time I managed to make it into the Louvre. I managed to snap a few photos of material that seemed appropriate to the blog. I was surprised that there seemed to be no limit on flash photography. Having worked in the museum world for 8 years, and gained a Post Grad diploma in Museum Studies, I am keenly aware of the issues, and actively sought out something to tell me I couldn't take flash photos at all, but found nothing. I still limited the shots, and tried to use natural light where possible.

How could you visit and not include a couple of snaps of the man himself, Emperor Napoleon. This first is Napoleon crossing the alps.

Napoleon after Eylau.

Murat ...

And just for something a little different, Marcus Aurelius.

There's no way these photos can do justice to the works, or the institution.... you just have to visit, take a seat in front of them, and ponder for a while. We spent an awesome (but exhausting) afternoon there, and Lorraine enjoyed it as much as I did.

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