Saturday, November 20, 2010

The 198th save my painting ...

Stage 1 of my plan to rekindle the painting ethos, to get those 'painting juices' flowing again. I have finished the basing of the Cadians that I bought earlier this year. I bought them already painted from an up and coming 'gamer, enthusiast and all round nice guy who had moved on from Cadians to Vostroyans. He wasn't happy with the paint job he'd done on these but I thought they were just fine. They have already apeared in a game some months ago (with bases unpainted), and I saw these as an easy or early win in the drive to get some painting success under my belt again, and re-energise my painting plan (which, as with almost all 'gamers, has more lead than an Americas' Cup yacht keel - well, in the mono-hull days anyway!!).

So, meet the Cadian 198th, 'No job too dirty' (hence the ash waste style basing which is something of a departure for me).

Here's the 198th so far ...

And some close up views.

Now to paint a few more Heavy weapons, some troopers and a couple of special weapons (that all came with the original purchase). The big challege will be to use a similar painting style. Elliot used washes whereas I woud usually use layers, so I'll have to learn a few things here. Hopefully some photos in a few weeks time.

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  1. Nice work. You gotta hand it to the evil empire, they sure make nice dollies!

    They remind me a little of Starship Troopers. I'm sure these dudes have a wider use than just 40k.

    CU in the morning,


    Oh yeah, Stan and I have made an executive decision on your behalf - we can change armies! That way I get to play with more of my own dollies rather than just get done using my Skellies only.

    Hope thats ok with you...


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