Monday, December 6, 2010

Green-ness glory - more show-offs!!!

Couldn't help noticing recently that one of the boxes of figures in my games room was a rockin' and a shakin'.. and it wasn't another Christchurch earthquake. It seems that my Warhammer 40K Orks were pretty b****y annoyed, because they have never appeared on this blog, even though there was I showing off my recently acquired GW games mat. So I guess it's about time (they were after all the first 40K army I painted) ... and here are a few of them, including a couple of war bosses (it's most imprtant that the big bosses are kept happy, eh???), respendent in all their green-ness on the new games mat. Hopefully they'll stop rattling their box for a while.....

..... or maybe I just need to get them out of their box on 'exercises' a little more often. Regardless of the gaming, they are beautiful miniatures to paint though!!

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