Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Hey, Good lookin' "

When we play our games, most of us wnat them to look good. I've traditionally used a dark green cloth as my basic playing surface and I'll probably continue doing that when using the whole of my 8'x5' table. However I've been thinking for some time about buying one of the Games Workshop 'gaming mats, and this week I bought one. Here are a few photos of my 1982 BAOR British taken to show off the new mat (some chieftains with some ATGW and air support) ... I think it looks pretty cool.


  1. Hi Robin,

    I have often looked at these mats. How much? How big? Does it roll out flat, or curl at the edges? (I'm assuming it's rolled up afterwards?)


  2. Nick

    I've also looked at them for ages.. this is one of the newer ones with fabric backing, and looks to be very robust. The colour is also toned down from the original colourings, so looks better suitts my taste. The mats are 6'x4', and the main reason i bought it is that this is th correct size for Spearhead games using the scenario generation system. This solves several annoying little practical issues I face when playing these using my larger table (since the table doesn't have clearly defined sectors marked on it). And ye sit just rolls up.. looks great too!!!

    I paid $64.95 at Comics Compulsion..

    Kind regards


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