Sunday, December 19, 2010

'Lost Battles' and some...

With work winding down for the Christmas break, I've managed to get stuck into quite a few painting projects (actually finishing several projects that I'd started over the past few years - more later), and we also managed a couple of games over two evenings at the end of the week.

Of great interest was my first ever game of 'Lost Battles' (the games system designed by Phil Sabin). Andrew Taylor ran the game, and Keith hosted it at 'The Wargames Room'.

Andrew wrote up a good after action report, and Keith has posted it along with a few photos. The game system was very interesting, and I'd like to play some more. It simulated a number of aspects of ancient battles that I've read of in various contemporary accounts, and the game also look amazing with Andrew's 60mm wide bases packed with 6mm figures, so this really looked like a battle from a 'birdseye' view.

On the following evening we also managed several Wings of War games. I've posted on this game system beofre, and all I can  add is.. I really must get in to our local supplier (Comics Compulsion) and buy a couple of the box game sets of my own. I'm also tempted by their WW2 version of the game, so look out.

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