Thursday, December 23, 2010

More lead leaves the recruiting depots...

Trying to rediscover the painting 'mojo' of old, I'm getting through those little projects that have sat around for quite some time. Earlier today it was the Irregular 20mm WW1 artillery, this evening it's two battalions of 6mm WW1 Russians, ready for the Great War Spearhead battlefields. These were the left overs from my first order (which I place a couple of years ago as I recall); a long way from the 2 divisions that the Scenario Generation System demands for the Russians, but it's still another couple of battalions.

I quite enjoy the Russians: taking some regiments as random morale creates a very characterful force that can do some unexpected things (like stick around to fight to the bitter death, or run away with a third casualties.. either way it's the stuff of movies, and memorable wargaming moments).

So just a couple of shots of these stands.. more for my own satisfaction than anything else.

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