Saturday, January 1, 2011

A DBA night!!!

A DBA night with Nick (my son... a wiley 'gamer with more than a few tricks up his sleeve...). We are considering entering the Woolston DBA Challenge, and so it seemed that a little practice was in order. So out came the Book 2 Spanish, and the Ottomans - admittedly Book 4, but so similar to a Book 2 Hunnic army we thought the mis-match was forgiveable.

The set up from the Ottoman side, with the Spanish having set up terrain, with plenty of bad going. Nick forgot the effect of bad terrain on command distances, and deployed his general out on his right, on the other side of a steep hill from his main Warband battle line.

My Ottomans went for the jugular, eyeing up the Warband battle line, leaving three light horse to hold up the Spanish General.

The Warband soon found light horse around their left flank, while the Ottoman General hit the Warband line frontally - a calculated risk on my part.

The Spanish left flank fell, but the general failed to punch through, and so found himself in a precarious position.

Nick was quick to take advantage - this might not go too well for the Ottomans.

Fortunately I threw high and Nick threw low, and my Ottoman general lived!!!

I wasn't one to let an opportunity go by, and pushed around the very open Spanish flank, hitting warband front and rear.

The Spanish line crumbled, and victory went to the Ottomans.

We played a second game which I didn't record. The Ottomans won a second time, but the battle went down to the wire.... it was a VERY close run thing.


  1. Very good Robin. Nice minis too. Oh bother it! Now I want to paint up my Huns!


  2. Nick

    Thanbks.. these are my two 15mm armies.. and I have an Early Minoan from Book 1 awaiting painting... 15mm as well.

    My 25mm Huns could do with an outing though..LOL

    Kind regards

  3. I see you neglected to mention my somewhat effective late cavalry charge???

  4. The victors write the history don't they?? LOL .. good games .... more this week?