Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gee that went well...

Somewhere on a distant battlefield, hiding very carefully, is a Company Commander from the Cadian 198th, muttering "Gee that went well, didn't it". This is the guy who commanded a company of the 198th last night when the Sisters came to play.. play you say? Yeah right!!

The boys began well enough it seemed, hunkered down with a solid firebase and some armoured supports. A unit of Storm Troopers supported by a couple of scout sentinels was working their way around the Sisters' flank. Seemed like a great plan ...

Except for a group of three Penitent Engines .. ok, they can be shot away easily, and they are confronted by some of the might of the Emperor's armour!!

But the 'Holy Rage' was strong in these girls .. whew, get outta the way!!

On the other flank a brave squad of Sisters, supported by their Seraphim, thought they'd like to get more intimately acquainted with some of the 198th's boys.

The Penitent Engines were incredibly keen to have a crack at a squad of veterans hunkered down in cover, supported by the armour, and with a holy priest present to help them maintain their focus (his eviscerator was rearing to go too). The veterans had the task of protecting the left flank. The Penitent Engines threw 5s and 6s for their extra moves.. they were very keen!!

There was the usual heavy support for the Sisters too.

However I positioned the Priest badly, and the boys just couldn't do the business. Result: one unit down and a very exposed left flank. The company commander had a worried look on his brow.

On the other flank the infantry squad took a turn of heavy bolter fire. The commander had sent a medic to support the squad, but he succeeded in failing EVERY one of his 'Feel no pain' throws, and almost the entire squad was wiped out. Now there were beads of sweat running down the Company Commander's brow.

Then the Stormtroopers arrived.. at last.. the Seraphim were hit by a veritable storm of fire from the Storm Troopers, the Sentinels, and a supporting squad from their front. Only problem - the Seraphim made all of their armour saves despite a large numer of wounds. NOW things were looking dodgy!!

Meanwhile on the other flank the Penitent Engines were rampaging on .. they took on the combined squad that was protecting the other flank and wiped it out (you wouldn;'t believe the throws Adrian made in combat.. oh yes you would), while the Exorcist finally managed to get a decent shot at the Leman Russ and destroyed it.

'Every man for himself' may well have been the company commander's last cry as he fled the field... sigh!!!

The final tally was something like 7 kill points to the Sisters, and 0 to the 198th. How many mistakes did I make? Whoa... I haven't got that many fingers and toes... maybe one day I'll learn how to play this game.


  1. Aw, but your dollies looked so good!


  2. Nick
    Yeah .. LOL If only I could figure out how to play this game... I can master Spearhead, Volley and Bayonet, DBA, HotT etc.. but this one? I manage to get myself thrashed every time...

    Kind Regards


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