Sunday, January 16, 2011

Those DBX games..

Last Friday started out with the best of intentions: play our first Great War Spearhead game in a few months. Ah, but we were clearly on that 'road to hell'.... The day morphed into a couple of DBA games (one using 15mm armies and the other using 25mm armies), and then a couple of HotT games (with lunch and a couple of beers interspersed.. the joys of the holiday season, but sadly drawing to a close all too quickly).

In the DBA games Nick used Light Horse armies in both (Early Ottoman in the first, and Hun in the second) and managed a win in both, much to his relief as he'd had quiet a drought on DBA victories recently. I have to say he pretty much tore me apart in both games, and we are wondering whether light highly manouvrable armies are more suited to his playing style? He has tended to use slower more solid armies in the past.

A couple of shots of the Romans taking on the Huns.

And a couple of shots of the HotT games. Lorraine played her first games with her new HotT armies, Angels, and Evil Women. Lost the first, but won the second... nice going!!!

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