Thursday, January 6, 2011

HotT Soviets... stage 1 complete

Here is the preliminary Soviet World War 2 HotT army, an exercise in re-using existing figures. The infantry had previously been block painted, so I gave them a couple of coats of the Citadel wash (Badab Black) and based them up.

The composition with these stands is:

1 x God (Artillery bombardment)
2 x Behemoths (T34 tanks)
6 x shooters (Soviet sub machinegunners).

A close-up of the behemoths and the God. The classification of the artillery as a HotT God seemed logical to me. Artillery was mostly controlled at Corps or Army level, and so lacked local command control. It was therefore likely to be hard to get, and as easy to lose (unless being used in the deliberate attack of course, when even then it's use was carefully pre-planned).  This sounds like a HotT God to me.

This initial composition is not quite as I'd envisaged the complete army, and I have enough figures to complete some Horde bases (Soviet Riflemen).

However I'd initially seen the T34s as knights, and they will revert to that classification once I can complete enough additional stands to compose the 24 army points required for game play.

I was also on the look out for a Sturmovik, or a Pe2, in 1/144th scale to use as an airboat, and maybe a Yak 5 or two for flyers. A quick foray today to a local model shop hasn't provided anything suitable, so this may be one of those acquisitions that requires  a little patience. The discovery will be all the sweeter!!!


  1. Very cool. Scary, but cool. I especially like your ideas/justification for the Art/God.

    As I was looking at the pickies, I thought, "Right, now all this needs is a Il-2 as a Dragon" and low and behold you had already thought of some aerial elements.

    Opps, I thought your T-34s were late war, they're more early, middle, so the Luftwafe was still a viable fighting element. Perhaps a Dragon might not be the most appropriate. (It would be more appropriate later, when the Germans really didn't have a lot of answers to Soviet air power.) Flyers, then. Personally, when I think Airboat, I think something big and slow - a heavy bomber, if you will.

    Speaking of Il-2s and the like, a 15mm/1:100 scale model might be easier to get hold of (Flames of War etc).

    Just a couple of thoughts,


  2. Thanks Nick... and, FOW.. of course, that might be the best source.

    I had however remembered some WW2 1/144th aircraft that came ready painted in a box(like the Wings of War stuff, but not those aircraft).. that was what I'd been looking for. I'm not sure I want to start buying to paint etc, this exercise was in part prompted by a desire to 'tidy up' and finish things, but also by your own philosophy of making best use of what you already have. I cansee your point about the airboat, and LOVE the dragon idea... inspired!!!


  3. Cool army...
    Have to have Hordes( its in the rules ), as Russian as Vodka.
    Commissar as Cleric.
    Cossacks as Riders.
    Sniper Zaitsev as Hero.
    Partizans as Lurkers.



  4. Stan
    I've created a 'Hero' with a flag bearer (photos soon) ...well, it is HotT ater all.. thought about the Commissar today, just need a suitable figure... have to be careful, I was just trying to use up spare figures .. sigh!!!

    and the Hordes are on their way soon too.....

    However also have all those zombies, another Horde army..... drat!!!

  5. I agree with Stan. Those are brilliant ideas. Hordes! Of course WW2 Russians are Hordes!

    Sniper Zaitsev as Hero.
    Partizans as Lurkers.



  6. LOL.. yes..

    And 6 bases of Hordes are half done, along with the Hero (not a sniper though.. wish I'd thought of that sooner!!

    The hordes are those Airfix guys advancing, or throwing their hands in their air having been shot (remember them?).. bad taste? I hope not!!!



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