Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Epic Armageddon: first attempt.

Epic Armageddon it was, and Andrew, Adrian and I got together for a mid week game. Now we have played very little of this (this was my first game, while Adrian and Andrew had played a few games each), and I was looking forward to it. It was more of a training game, as we went through the rules mechanisms to see how it all worked. I am pleased to say that the game didn't disappoint. The mechanisms have always looked to be slightly clever to me (and I mean that in a positive sense). The unit activation mechanism played well (in lieu of the more familiar mechanism for me of a map and a plan a la Spearhead.. which I still prefer by the way). It will take a little getting used to.

This small game was 2275 points, and saw the skeleton of my Space Marine army against Andrew's newly purchased Eldar, a great bargain via Trademe IIRC, and I think Andrew is still contemplating how he will paint them. Here are a few shots of the game. The terrain looks slightly 'Europe/Eastern European a la 20th century, because that is the 6mm terrain I have, but it did the business just fine.

SM right wing, and a unit of Landraiders advances quickly, attacks a unit of Eldar walkers in the flank and destroys them. They had been deployed in overwatch guarding several objectives. However the Landraiders were then quickly sent packing by some heavy Eldar firepower.

Eldar scouts had garrisoned a wood and town area in the table centre.

These were brought under fire by a couple of SM tactical formations and sent packing.

The SMs occupy the town in the table centre. The buildings are by Hovels.

We didn't manage to complete the game, but at the end of this turn another SM tactical formation had advanced around the Eldar left wing. However the SM left was also under pressure.

So some summary thoughts.

This is a game that I think will reward further play. One of the things I have always liked about the Spearhead stable of rules is the 'layering' of weapons systems. Epic does this to a lesser degree, and in a different way, but it still appeals to me. The 'you go I go' unit activation system within each move looks as if it could create some very interesting sets of tactical choices for players, and is where the game will largely be won or lost.

I have further equipment to paint up. I can see that introducing large war machines like Titans, along with artillery, air and AA capabilities, and gruntier troops like terminators with their teleport capabilities will give the game the more multi dimensional feel that I like in games. The SM force I wielded tonight was pretty one dimensional, so there is plenty to look forward to. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Thanks for the game, the decisions about what to do next with each activation kept me thinking, great.

    Love the fact that the glorious charge (March Move) across the table by the Assault Marines and their savage demise did not make the photo report - another learning experience!

    My entire Epic gaming experience was with the previous Epic 40K version well over a decade ago. Got to love those deals on TradeMe!

    Good luck with the next game, Andrew

  2. Andrew

    Thanks.. the fact that the demise of the assault marines didn't make the photos was more a reflection of the fact that i was more than a little 'gobsmacked' at the speed of their demise (and hence missed the opportunity) because it was certainly a 'kodak moment' (and I know you are old enough to remember that advertising campaign..LOL).. I'd expected them to last a little longer, being hunkered down in the village, (maybe through the turn) in order to distract you.. certainly a learning exprience for me too..LOL

    Thanks for the 'push' to start the 'period'.. I'm hooked at the moment.



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