Friday, July 22, 2011

A great blog and a darned good read

For quite a while now I have used iGoogle as my means of managing the huge array of information that interests me. This includes both professional and hobby information. Amongst the gadgets I have on iGoogle is GoogleReader, which allows me to manage the various blogs that potentially interest me, and amongst those is one that I consider to be truly outstanding: Mr Farrow's DBA Blog.

Now here's a guy who enjoys his hobby, actively engages his two children in the hobby, and writes some fantastic and engaging after action reports. This blog covers their adventures within the traditional DBA ancients period.

But they also use the various extensions to DBA to play games that cover that whole 1500 to 1900 period, and the AARs in these periods are just as engaging. Here is a typical image from an AAR (this one from the Franco Prussian War era):

So if you want some inspiration, or just a darned good read, try Mr Farrow's Blogs.

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