Monday, November 21, 2011

Orc invasion still unchecked!!!

Despite calls from the King for Dwarf forces to 'show more steel', the Orc invasion of the Dwarf realm has continued unchecked. This time the Dwarfs had even called upon the Kingdom of Men to fight in support of their warriors, but no avail.

This game featured 2000 points of Orcs, and the equivalent in Humans allied to Dwarves, using the Mantic Kings of War rules. This was the largest KoW game we had played to date.

The Dwarfs deployed on the right, with Human Knights deployed on the flank to attack the Orc flank.

The Orcs deployed.. um, well.... all over the place really.

The Humans were given the left, which they held oddly with archers and mounted scouts. In a rush of blood to the head, Andy doubled the archers forward, putting them quickly in charge reach of the Orcs... this wasn't going to end well!!

Meanwhile the Orcs came on towards the solid bodies of dwarf warriors holding the centre and the right.

Orcs finally hit the Dwarves in the centre ..

While the Knights hit the Orcs on the Orc left.

The first unit was routed, but ..

The knights were then counter charged by Orc reserves (what's this with Orcs using tactics??) and routed themselves.

Dwarf warriors had moved to bolster the attack on their right ..

While Orcs bounced off the bodies of Dwarf warriors in the centre ...

But the Dwarf right was under threat as well.. flanked by some of those Orc heroes...

Humans bolstered the Dwarf forces ..

But the writing was on the wall.... the dwarf unit at the top of the picture was hit front and rear... so that one didn't end well either...

Back to the drawing board...

A great game that swung several times.

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  1. Good to see some of Andy's figs in the fray!

    (And yours too, of course!)