Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A couple of new terrain pieces for Epic and HotT

Multi purpose terrain .. just love it. At the same time that I bought my Spartan Games Flyers and Airboat, I also bought these two terrain pieces. They are made by 'Itar's Workshop' in the USA (www.itarsworkshop.com ) - a Power Transformer, and a Power Control Station.

I bought them as Epic terrain pieces, but reckon that they will make nice 'Stonghold' pieces for the 20mm British VSF HotT army.

So, I've posed them here with a few stands from the VSF army.

The brand new Airboat overflies the stronghold .....

A steam powered robot clanks its way through the terrain...

Some Shooters stand guard ...

They'll do nicely thanks. OK ... what's next????

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