Wednesday, November 30, 2011

'Thomas the Tank Engine' and HotT

One of my two losses at HotT carnage was against one of the most innovative HotT armies I have ever seen - Stan's 'Thomas the tank engine' army. Thomas wasn't the rage when our kids were little, so I never really got to know the characters.. if you are a fan, you'll recognise them immediately. However the army certainly included a flyer, riders, a paladin, a knight and a God.

Stan brought the riders into action against Carruthers' line very quickly.

Carruthers' aerials tried to get around the flank ..

But his battle line fell apart far too quickly... ouch!!

A great game, albeit a little short for Carruthers' taste...


  1. Thomas the Tank Engine? LOL. What a hoot. What was the God? The Fat Controller?

  2. Yep you've got it.. The Fat Controller as a God.. he never appeared in the game, but Stan still managed to take me apart..LOL


  3. It's a brilliant concept. I especially liked the play mat cut up to 'flock' the bases.


  4. The most attractive thing about HotT is the strange, colourful and imaginative armies you see on the table. Thomas the Tank Engine is left field country, but I admire the cyberpunk, jungle animals, arachnids, garden gnomes and what not that grace the battlefield.

    That Stan's imagination extended to the presentation of the stands just adds to the whole ensemble.

    I have been toying with the comparatively unimaginative as Baron Richtofen's Flying Circus as a HotT 'Army'; but it occurs to be a drawerful of kitchen utensils would make a fine army. 'God' would be a hand to wield them, of course...