Sunday, December 4, 2011

HotT Carnage results

HotT Carnage 2011 was a pretty amazing little competition, even though this year numbers were down to 6 players: Mark, Gordon, Kevin, Stan, Nick and me.

That made the draw pretty simply, 5 games, one against everyone else. I reported last week on my most amazing game against Nick, and Stan's wonderful 'Thomas the tank engine' army (my two losses for the day) but omitted to say that it was Nick who took a well deserved win for the competition - his first since we began the biennial HotT competitions in 2008.

With some time up our sleeves at the end, four of use remained behind to play a Big Battle HotT.. well a double battle actually. Nick and I took the two British VSF armies against a bunch of rebellious adventurers and some swarthy Zulus commanded by Kevin and Gordon. Carruthers being Carruthers, he shared command rather than cede control totally to any 'johnny come lately'!!!

Here are just a few shots from the game which ended in a British victory over the uncivilised hordes (well what else would you expect of Carruthers, eh wot??).

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