Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wondrous shiney new thingamy wotsits..

If some mechanical contraptions are good, then more must be better. Well, that seems to be Maj Gen Carruthers' philosophy. He keeps demanding more from Horseguards, and they seem to be happy to oblige. Their latest offering to Carruthers is the newest newfangled gizzmo watsit.. an airboat from Her Majesty's Imperial Flying Forces.

As she arrived she was escorted in by Carruthers' existing flying forces.

Now considering himself a technocrat, Carruthers couldn't resist the temptation of having his photo taken alongside some of the marvellous array of technological watsits and thingamies now at his command.

Needless to say, the pink gin flowed freely at the after function, and Carruthers pondered whether he should be thinking a little more seriously about the deployment of these fantastical machines in his upcoming campaign (HotT Carnage, 26 November).. just before the clouds (or was that the alcoholic haze) obscured his view of his shiney new airforce.

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