Sunday, January 8, 2012

Italian wars of the 1860s

First outing last night for Adrian's new armies for the Wars of Italian Unification - Neopolitan Piedmontese,  so just  a few photos of the action.

The Neopolitans attack a town sector... they were summarily repulsed.. ouch.

Had to photograph this (for me this is a rarity..) - a Neopolitan M5 Shock unit went into the attack, four combat dice needing 5s or 6s to it... here's the roll.. made Adrian's eyes water, I can tell you.

That unit was then attacked by 3 units of Piedmontose cavalry. Fortunately they boys stood their ground and were just recoiled (it could have been much worse!!).

Lastly just a couple of shots of Adrian's units alongside some of his beautifully hand made Italian buildings.


  1. Ooo! Looks like a good fight :) I love those buildings!

  2. It was an exceptionally good game.. I managed to take a lower grade army (the Neopolitans were about 70% M4 units), and defeat a superior force of M5 Piedmontese... and yep the buildings are gorgeous.. fantastic to have on the table.

    Kind regards