Thursday, January 5, 2012

Russian enlistment ...

A brief update on the expansion of the 1914 Russian forces. Below are photos of the first two regiments which represent half of the fighting stands in a Great War Spearhead division.

This first regiment is painted as a 'conscript' regiment might have looked with old 1904 issue green and white clothing left over from 1904.

This second regiment is painted more 'conventionally' in the regulation 1914 'khaki green'. I have made a conscious effort to vary the shadings of the 'khaki' to represent the vagaries of massed production of dyes and uniforms, and the varying rates of fading of the fabrics. I achieve this by mixing small quantities of paint on the palette as I paint. I take a Vallejo British khaki brown, and blend in a little blue. The blue mixes with the yellow pigment in the khaki to give the greenish hue.

I also occasionally blend a little Citadel Kommando khaki to produce a more faded brown shade.


  1. Robin,

    Does this mean we may see a new GWSH Eastern Front scenario appearing in the near future? He asked hopefully...



  2. Eric

    Great to hear from you again...

    On the scenario front, while these days it's more usually the SGS that we use, I will be hunting out anything I can find.. mind you as you'll know yourself that information is hard to find unless you have a library like Jeff L's...

    Happy new year

  3. Robin - nicely done - The conscripty chaps look great. I must confess your main Khaki "Green" colour in the 2nd Regiment looks a very good match for the colour my 28mm Russian chaps were painted by their original pro-painter (see "The Carpathians Will Rumble") - so must be pretty good choice! ;-)

    I always think people tend to paint Russians far too brown, especially in WW2 but also WW1 - the colour was definitely greenish in most cases, just the lighting in many colour photos tends to make it look more brown than it was I think, allowing of course for as you describe the huge vagaries of dye & fabric quality during production and bleaching from washing & weather, etc.

    Curiously enough I had a 28mm East-Front game on Boxing Day with a visiting friend (using TSATF) - hope to have pics up on my blog next week...

    Keep up the good work - hopefully it'll keep your mind off the shaking! :-)