Monday, April 16, 2012

Dwarven cavalry for Kings of War??

A Dwarf army in most rules sets is probably relatively immobile. However in the Kings of war rules, players have access to a unit of Berserker Brock Riders, Berserkers riding Brocks. Now, in the absence of any figure releases from Mantic, I really have no idea what a 'Brock' actually is, but I did have some Berserkers (courtesy of GW). I painted them with a non GW Blue theme, picturing Celts using wode to colour themselves. So, what to do about these cavalry?

Some time ago I acquired some GW Goblin Spider Riders (originally intended for the HotT Spider army) but they were, as I feared, just a fraction too large. So .. why not a 'paint conversion' I thought. Paint the Goblins in more human tones, and use blues to tie them together visually with the existing Berserkers. In the 'Kings of War' rules, these troops are 'Vicious' and I thought that the Goblin figures look suitably vicious to take the role.

Here is the result (with apologies to all WFB players, and all fantasy purists who might blanch at Goblin like figures playing alongside Dwarves). The first two photos show the new Dwarf 'cavalry' alongside the original Berserkers.

Here are the boys themselves, rear and front views.


  1. Sorry Robin, but that's just gross. Lovely paint work, very nicely presented, but...giant spiders? Urgghhh, where's my big boot?!


  2. Yeh you may have hit wide of the mark there! Brock is an old term I'm familiar with (so probably auld Scots, maybe English) for a badger. So it could be the KoW guys had giant badgers in mind more than spiders? Less icky, more earthy and dwarven, perhaps... Lovely paint job though, whatever!

  3. Colin

    Indeed.. I wasn't thinking that 'brock' might be spiders... I just happened to have these 10 spider riders, and in the absence of any other affordable substitute, I thought.. why not..LOL. But I certainly agree that in themselves they don't actually fit that well..sadly I haven't even used them on the table yet.