Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Soviet Air power - the Airfix Il2

I've been pottering away at assembling the Airfix Il2 Sturmovik to provide some air support for the 20mm WW2 Soviet Spearhead army.

(Source: http://worldofwarplanes.eu/news/516-il-2-flying-tank/)

I'd found it to be a difficult kit. For example parts haven't fitted properly, the fuselage halves don't quite match, the wing assemblies don't quite sit correctly against the fuselage etc. But I have persevered.

I went looking for the correct position of the bombs on the bomb racks, and found this piece of work from a proper aircraft modeller on the kit. He has done the sort of thing I used to do 30 years ago.. "ee by gum, them were't days laaad".

No wonder I've struggled, if the kit is this bad. This guy's work is inspiring. I'll make do with the kit I've completed, but frankly, you've got to wonder; there are some awesome kits available these days, but then there are the rest!! So here are three shots of the finished product, hopefully covering up the worst of the errors.

I particularly like the last shot - especially if I'm commanding the Soviets he! he!



  1. Great job Robin. Though you're not allowed to use it when playing against me!! :-)

  2. Nick

    I wish it WAS a great job, but frankly I got the 'can't be bothereds' as my Mum used to say.. it was just all a bit hard. I wanted a cool kit that went together well. This wasn't. However of you stand back and don;'t look too closely it will do on the 'games table. No more effective than the Typhoon, and less likely to arrive over the table, so I wouldn't be too afraid if I were you. Unless it is pre-planned as part of a deliberate attack, it only arrives on that elusive '6'...LOL


    1. Like your Stuka in the last game? Still arrived and wiped out one of my Fireflies!